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Hooks Hooks: Slatwall hooks fit in the slatwall grooves and accommodate your packaged product. You can coose from single or double loop. Safety tips are also available.   Standard hooks are available from 1" through 12", in black, chrome or white finish. A picture frame hook is available as well in chrome or white finish. The safety tips are available in a glossy black finish only.
Shelving Brackets Shelving Brackets: Shelving brackets fit in the slatwall grooves and accommodate your shelves.  You can choose from standard or adjustable.  Standard brackets are available from 6" through 16" and adjustable brackets are available from 10" through 14".  Bracket finishes are black, chrome or white.  
Slatwall Inserts and Trim HPL Strips: These laminated strips are precut to groove height, provide a decorative finish for raw grooves and are available in a variety of colors. You can match your laminated board or choose a contrasting color.
Slatwall Panels Standard Panels 3/4" thick MDF 4'H x 8'L 3" O.C. Edge Cut Our panels are available in a number of standard finishes.
Slatwall Shelving Melamine Shelf Upgrade your shelving! Add this shelf face over your brackets for a classy look. Available in Melamines, laminates, or veneers.

Slatwall Systems

We are a full service manufacturer committed to providing top quality Slatwall for a variety of applications. We start with quality MDF (medium density fiberboard) in our manufacturing process.  The raw panels arrive from mills that we have tested to meet the high quality industry standards. Keeping our equipment running at top performance is another way we maintain our commitment to quality and service.

Our commitment to you is:

  • Quick lead times
  • On time shipments
  • Top quality products
  • Manufacturing Results you can count on
  • Manufacturing Ideas to exhibit your design
  • Solutions to display and sell and your product
  • Friendly, knowledgeable staff