Slatwall Info

Slatwall Information

Panel Composition

  • 3/4 Medium Density Fiberboard (veneer core available) with a 48lb. density and 115lb. internal bond strength.
  • Special fire rated boards are available.
  • Available no urea formaldehyde emission requirements for MDF in ANSI  A208.2

Panel Strength

  • Panel Strength determined by distance between grooves and distance product is hung from face of panel (see graph).





  • Using panel adhesive along with proper length screw is recommended for permanent installation.
  • The combination of screws and adhesive will increase the panels bond to the wall.
  • Screws should never be driven through face of the slatwall panel.
  • Place screws every 16” o/c aligning with studs. Place screw in alternating grooves (5 screws per stud).


Screws should be driven through any metal inserts directly into wall studs. it is crucial to screw through the metal in order to maintain the increased hanging strength.

Installation details of mounting slatwall to walls

General Usage Installation Guidelines

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